I’m Fine… (A Sevenling)

Vibrant flowers sway calmly in the warm breeze. The fresh grass surrounding the cosy house is neatly cut, each blade perfectly equal in height and width.

4 Struggles Of Having An INFJ Personality Type

by Anna Antwi Two years ago I took the Myers-Briggs personality test after a friend suggested it. She told me that it was so accurate, but for it to work, you had to be completely honest with your answers. So, me and couple of friends took the test.

8 Great Things About Afro Hair & Beauty Live 2018

by Anna Antwi Afro Hair & Beauty Live returned on the bank holiday weekend (27th & 28th May 2018) in Islington, London. This was the first time I attended the yearly event and I loved every minute of it. It showcased a range of afro hair care products, styles and tips as well as fashion,…

7 Things I’ve Learnt About The Law Of Attraction

By Anna Antwi The law of attraction is the belief that we attract whatever thoughts we focus on. For example, if we focus on positive thoughts, we attract positive experiences into our lives and focusing on negative thoughts can attract negative experiences. It suggests that the magnetic power of the universe draws similar energies together.

‘Black Panther’ Film Review

By Anna Antwi Black Panther is the latest film from the Marvel franchise to be released and it is the film everyone is is talking about now. 

4 Natural Hair Brands for Type 4 Hair you can get in UK Shops

By Anna Antwi Finding natural hair products in UK shops can be difficult, particularly if you live in an area that doesn’t have many or any Black hair-care shops. I had this problem when living in Sussex, I would have to wait till we went to London before I could get any products that would…